Francis Drake Bowls Club


Presentation Day.


After some very exciting bowling on finals weekend, with many matches being decided on the last end, we have this years winners.

BB+DBA Mens champion of champions runner up Dave Fricker.

Will Smith runner up Dave Fricker. Winner David Singer.

Potter's Shield runner up Pat Strain. Winner Stan Augar.

Bread Pudding runner up Dave Fricker. Winner Jill Bonner.

Gardiner Cup runner up Bryn McNeill. Winner Rob Warnes.

Centenary Cup runner up Rob Warnes. Winner Dave Fricker.

4-3-2-1 Champion runner up Tin Deacon. Winner David Singer.

Presidents cup runner up Beryl Phillips. Winner Sue Hastings.

Men's 3 Woods Championship runner up Tim Deacon. Winner Stan Augar.

Ladies Championship runner up Beryl Philips. Winner Jeanette Singer.

Men's Championship runner up Rob Warnes. Winner David Singer.

                       Congratulations to all the winners

A few photos of finals weekend and the presentations are in the gallery marked "Finals weekend and Presentation day"