Francis Drake Bowls Club


The Roving Jack

What's The Roving Jack?, I hear you say, let me explain, usually we bowl in one direction, across or away from the club house. But on the roving jack day anything goes, the mat goes down anywhere on the green and the jack is delivered to anywhere on the green. Its great fun with bowls going everywhere and bowlers weaving in and out of each other.

Bank Holiday Monday 26th August was a beautiful sunny day which made our "Roving Jack" event even more enjoyable. 27 people signed up for the days bowling and BBQ.                                                        Sylvia Lacey and her lovely granddaughter Rebecca worked very hard to produce a really tasty BBQ, cooking to perfection chicken, burgers, and sausages. At the end of the day every bowlers scores were totted up. In second place with 21 points was Keith a new bowler, didn't he do well ? But this years first place went to Dennis with 29 points. Very well done Dennis a brilliant win. More photos to follow in the gallery.