Francis Drake Bowls Club


2023 Finals Weekend

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Winners in italics below


Saturday 2 September 10:30


Mens Championship: Rob Warnes V Dave Fricker  Marker:Tim Deacon

Presidents Cup: Sue Hastings V Jill Bonner  Marker:Sylvie Anderson


Gardiners Cup: Fred Main V Jonathan Belize  Marker: Dennis Johnson

Mens 3 Woods: Dave Fricker V Mark Gingell  Marker:Colin Smith


Super Saturday at Francis Drake finals weekend kicked off with double bill of delight.

Captain Sue and President Jill traded blows in the president’s cup. Our honourable President suggested the cup should be hers by right, she is president after all, and stormed off to a 5-0 lead after three ends. Captain Sue was having none of it and by end 11 was staking her claim to the cup leading 11-9. El Presidente’s foot was firmly put down and an unassailable lead was established. Hands were shaken on end sixteen with the President claiming her cup, 18-11.

There was nothing gentle about the Mens Championship. Rob Warnes started with a fine first end gaining 3 shots. Reigning champ, Dave Fricker, traded points end after end and after winning 6 out of 7 ends was only one shot behind at 12-11 on end sixteen. But the gap then widened and could never quite be closed. Rob taking victory 21-15 on end twenty-six.

After lunch, the scene was set for more drama on the big green.

Fred and Jonathan went tete a tete in the Gardiners Cup. Jonathan blazing a trail to lead 6-0 after four ends. Fred fighting back to lead 10-8 on end eleven. Wicks, measures and near misses. All even 16-16 on end twenty. Anyone’s game. A decisive 4 on end twenty-two leaves Jonathan one point from victory which he coolly takes the next end.

Dave Fricker was in no mood to lose two matches in a day and showed why he was last years Mens Champ shooting to 6-0 lead by end four. Mark wouldn’t take his eye of the jack and pounced on every error Dave made fighting back to 9-5 by end eight. But Dave was firing on all cylinders now and hands were shaken at 18-6 on end fifteen, Dave “Silver Fox” Fricker once again having his named scribed upon a trophy.

Congratulations to all competitors, it’s a fine achievement getting to finals day.

Thanks to our umpire Sylvia Lacey for some excellent measuring.
And Thanks to our tea and lunch caterers, the cake was wonderful.


Sunday 3 September 10:30


100 Up: Dennis Burne V Rob Warnes  Marker:Maz Keenan

Ladies Championship Jill Bonner V Yvonne Mavin  Marker:Sylvia Lacey


Centenary Cup:Rob Warnes V Heather Carroll  Marker:Dennis Burne

Mixed Pairs:Sue Hastings & Beryl Phillips V Fred Main & Dennis Johnson


Will Rob get Burne(d), or will Rob be Dennis’s nemesis, in the 100up?

Seconds out, round two, all bets are off. Jill and Yvonne. The fuse is on fire, stand back and admire in the Ladies Championship.

Will Heather be in clover and roll Rob over or do we dare prepare a tipple to celebrate Rob’s triple in the Centenary Cup?

Be prepared to count stars as our pairs take the stage, will Sue and Beryl be crowned queens of the green or will DJ and Fred steal the scene?


More text for Sunday to follow.