Francis Drake Bowls Club


2022 The Roving Jack

The Roving Jack - a fun day

We don't play in nice orderly rinks but every which-way. Woods often collide en-route to the head, or woods from another game move the jack or alter the head. Sometimes walking to the head to score is like jay-walking on the M1!

Scores are kept individually Today we played 5 ends, handed in the scorecard and then played a different person. After three such games (15 ends) we had four with a spread of only two points between them so held a final match.


In this, the two games had to cross each other and Captain Ron placed a football near each jack, the rule-of-the-day being that if your wood touched the football you lost that end (1 point).

After five ends the top two scorers, Maz (2nd) and Mark (1st), were announced the winners.



Excellent BBQ too!