Francis Drake Bowls Club


2022 President's Day

President Jill read us the rules of the day and described the three styles of game we were to play after The Spider. For this we all stand with one foot in the ditch and on a whistle we all bowl at once. The bowl nearest the Spider is the winner.


(The black one in the distance is the photographer's)

The first six ends were the meter rule game in which every wood within one metre of the jack counts; the next four ends were hidden jack in which all woods were bowled first then the skips toss a coin to see who bowls the jack to the head; finally we enjoyed four ends of normal bowls.


Here Mark rolled the jack to the two red woods scoring three.

President Jill provided a superb cream tea for us all: scones, jam, clotted cream, strawberries, cakes tea, need I go on?  After that the raffle for the hamper of food was drawn.

Winners of the day:

Spider: Bryn McNeill

Bowls: Bryn McNeill & John Park

Raffle: Mark Gingell (again!)

More photos in the Gallery HERE