Francis Drake Bowls Club


Newsletter 26: Update to the Gallery

The Gallery facilities have been updated.

Hitherto all images have been much reduced in size for inclusion in our Gallery, this is perfectly OK for the screen but not for printing. (see technical info at foot of article)

After today (14 June) photographs will be stored in their original size.  They may look just a little larger in the Gallery but you can now download them, full size, to your own device to keep or print. 

To save a copy:


There is currently only one full size photograph in the Gallery, in 2022 Will Smith Trophy image 2/22, which is a hefty 2.68MB in size and could probably be printed as a small A1 size poster, whereas the other images would loose quality at a mere A6.

Tech stuff (for anoraks and those with a polite interest):

Images for display on computer screens are generally of very acceptable quality when resolution is just 75dpi (dots per inch) so an image which is 4" x 6" on the screen would be 300 x 450 dots (or pixels) which is 240K pixels in total.

However, the resolution of an image in a magazine or on photo paper should be at least 240dpi to avoid obvious loss of quality so a 4" x 6" print would be 960 x 1440 pixels or approx. 1.4M pixels, that's nearly 6 times the size of the screen version.

The "big" photo in the Will Smith Trophy gallery is 8050 x 5367 pixels at 240dpi so you could get an acceptable print 8050/240 x 5367/240 or approx. 33" x 22".  That's 3 x A4 sheets wide and 3 x A4 sheets tall and if you wanted a 4" x 6" print from a part of it you'd get a very good print of just Sue and Ron's hands!

(Even the 8050 x 5367 image is a crop. The original was 9504 x 6336 pixels at 300dpi = 60.2Mpixels)