Francis Drake Bowls Club


Newsletter 26: Work on the Clubhouse

Clubhouse and Green

Most of the work on the clubhouse roof has now been completed for the year. A patch has been laid on the roof where it was leaking as well as some liquid water stop.

The council has suggested that, to help prevent the subsidence of the building, the guttering should be extended to stop water falling on one area of the ground and saturating it.

Repointing the outside area by the kitchen should be completed about now. And further repointing of the brickwork will follow to help stop the ingress of water into the building.

The Glendale team has done a good job on keeping the hedges trimmed but they could still be a little lower. The green and grounds cub-committee also asked if the trees around the ground had been surveyed recently and were told that this had been done and all were in good order and poised no danger.

Ted, our groundsman from Glendale, has done a good job making sure the green was match-ready at the start of the season. He now has access to the watering system. Ted tells us the green does not have to be watered every day which will help to make the it lighter.

The green has dropped slightly this year so extra top dressing will be applied later in the season.

The council has been helping us to look into possible areas of funding for new toilets. We have a problem at the club offering disabled bowls as we cannot qualify for Club Mark without disabled toilet facilities.

We have been asked if we can organise another friendly game with Lewisham, Glendale and FDBC so we will look at dates later in the season.