Francis Drake Bowls Club


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August Bank Holiday Monday 29th, 1pm (greys)

Rules of our annual Roving Jack singles competition.

  1. Whoever wins the mat at the start of the game can place it anywhere on the rink, facing any direction.
  2. Bowl the jack in any direction, any length over about 15m (this is a fun game, so no measuring of the jack).
  3. Each player bowls four woods (this is where the fun starts) and then score in the usual manner.
  4. Winner of the end then places the mat about 1m from the jack and bowls it in any direction.

Woods often collide en-route to the head, or woods from another game move the jack or alter the head. Sometimes walking to the head to score is like jay-walking on the M1!.

As always, visitors are welcome to come and watch the matches.

If you are new to bowling or visited us during the Hilly Fields Fayre on 25 June,

contact Ron, our Captain and Head Coach to book a Wednesday evening or Sunday morning coaching session

phone: 07957 227962 or email: