Francis Drake Bowls Club


Regular bowling sessions

From the end of April to the end of September, Tuesday and Friday we have roll up sessions where members play casual games and practice their skills. 

On most Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings we have more casual sessions which non-members are welcome to join in.

Fee for non-members is £5 per session which includes loan of shoes and bowls if required.

If planning to come for casual bowling Sunday or Wednesday, please note some sessions will not run due to 'away' fixtures or other events; you can call or email to confirm.

Regular Club Sessions (Apr - Sep)

Tuesday  2pm  Roll-up 
Wednesday  6pm  Roll-up 
Friday  2pm  Roll-up  
Saturday  2pm  Roll-up 
Sunday  10am  Roll-up

Dress code: Casual, but must wear flat-soled shoes. (Greys optional)