Francis Drake Bowls Club


The work never stops!

It might be (nearly) November but the work on the new cabin is still going ahead.

The broken window in the door has been fixed thanks to Sue Hastings who is responsible for getting a quote, looking after the glazier and making sure all was well.

Captain Ken Shooter was then able to fix the special locks on that door. Every door and window in the new cabin now has extra security locks.


Ken and Ron Phillips then installed the three radiators which have been stored in the other building until the cabin was secured.

The committee decided the short ramp next to the steps was too steep for wheelchairs. If the handler is unable to hold on to the wheelchair there is a chance that the person seated in the chair might end up accidently being tipped on to the bowling green.

Therefore we have obtained a quote from the carpenter who erected the building initially. He will be installing a platform so that he can turn the slope 90 degrees to run down at a shallower angle across in front of the cabin. This will allow for another similar turn at the bottom on to the existing path, an altogether safer descent!

Click HERE for all the recent photos in our Flickr album of the cabin's construction.