Francis Drake Bowls Club


Competitive end to the 2020 bowls season

A pairs competition, with a difference, was organised by Captain Ken Shooter for the last Sunday of the season September 27.

Club members turned out for the event which started at 1pm. Even our two new members of the season, Matt Dyer and Denis Healey, turned up and played well.

Some 24 players split into 12 teams. The first six teams played each other in one round and the second six played each other in the second round.

Each team played four ends before switching to play another team. After each end, every bowl within a yard of the jack counted as one point.

Winners of the competition were Bryn McNeill (blue top) and Beryl Phillips
(seen here with Captain Ken, right), who received a box of chocolates each as their prize.

We hesitate to name those who came bottom in the competition. Oh! well, as you ask, they were Stan Augur and Dennis Burne who also got a box of chocolates each which covered their embarrassment!

A special mention also goes to club member Sylvie Anderson who nobly made tea and served all through the afternoon’s unseasonably cold weather.


There are lots more photos on our Flickr site, see HERE