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Telegraph Hill COVID19 Mutual Aid


How we work:
● We have a centralised phone number and email address that we are putting on a leaflet that our neighbours can use to contact us if they need help in some form.
● Their request for help will be picked up by one of our volunteers.
● The group is an open group made up of unvetted volunteers from the Telegraph Hill local community.

What we offer:
● Going to the shops for people
● Dog walking
● Checking in with people to make sure they are ok
● Phoning people who are alone
● Cooking a meal for someone if they’re unwell, and drop it off to them
● Picking up prescriptions
● Picking up and delivering things that have been offered to them by charities, or individuals
● Admin or paperwork support; for example helping you with benefits processes during this
● We can’t give medical advice, but we can direct individuals towards to official channels and guidance to find the information they are looking for

Our procedure on completing requests for help:
● Always fulfil requests with a buddy.
● Wash hands thoroughly before, after and, if possible, during tasks.
● Do not enter the homes of people who are self-isolating and avoid face-to-face contact.
● Use gloves where appropriate
● Avoid using public transport to fulfil requests.
● Do not let people give you their keys or bank cards.
● Do not look after children.
● Do not pass on details of those who need help to other organisations (including police) without permission.
● If delivering someone’s shopping, collecting reimbursement can be difficult - cash can carry the virus or require visiting a cash machine, and elderly people may not be used to online payment. Click and collect where possible, or clean hands before and
after handling cash.

Please note:
● We must do sell anyone anything or ask people to join certain organisations or use certain businesses.
● We make it clear to people that this is an open group and people aren’t vetted.
● People are asked to avoid putting anything personal into their emails to us as the whole group can access the emails. Those who need help can email us to tell us they want all their info deleted at any point.
● We keep everything confidential as much as possible, and definitely nothing from the emails or whatsapp goes online publicly.
● We are mindful that people who request help might have different relationships to the state (e.g. they might be undocumented) – we don't pass their details to any authorities without permission.

Telegraph Hill Mutual Aid Group