Francis Drake Bowls Club


Rex William Taylor 1927 - 2019

Rex Taylor

Rex started to play at Francis Drake Bowls Club shortly after his wife Wynn passed. He lived within walking distance of the club so took every opportunity to come along and play. He used to say, “I am never going to make a champion, but I do enjoy playing and wish I had started sooner”. Also saying that he would be ever grateful to bowls and the members of FDBC for helping him cope with his loss.

Rex made many friends. Although he was a very quiet and gentle person he had a very funny side with a sharp wit. I remember him saying to me that I mustn’t forget the chores, then I replied “What chores?”, then he came back with “A pint of best please”.

Rex had a special swagger when he managed to hit the jack when playing. He referred to it as walking the walk. One of the things he enjoyed was after a match or a roll up, he and his three amigos, Tony, Pat, David and sometimes Brian would pootle off to the pub for a meal and a couple of pints.

After 12 or so years at Francis Drake BC and not being able to manage his home in Shell Road, Rex decided to down-size and move into a retirement flat in Catford. This naturally meant we didn’t see so much of Rex at the club as his sight was deteriorating and the journey to Hilly Fields, though not very long, meant he had several busy roads to cross. He lost or left behind on the bus or in the muffin break, a selection of white sticks.

Thanks to his son, Simon, he was a frequent shopper at Lewisham, where he would meet up with his bowling friends for coffee and he looked forward to talking bowls and keen to know how the club was getting on. One of the things Rex always said was “You will never be alone if you join a bowls club”.

Although Rex was having problems with his sight and his hearing, he would always laugh at Ron’s jokes probably just to be polite, but that was Rex.
Although he is no longer with us he will remain at the club as our T-Rex and will be sadly missed by us all.

God bless you Rex